CBCNC Youth Video 23Nov2003: ``Parental Advisory''

1) ___________E YOUR PARENTS

In the video, Heather was in a bad family situation with a mom who didn't want her and a dad who tried to buy her affection. Heather said that she "felt like she was the only grown-up in the family" because her parents were acting like kids.

2) ___________R YOUR PARENTS

Chelsea had a lot of older friends in college who didn't live with the same rules. She ended up in an unhealthy relationship with an older guy, and she ended up lying to her parents a lot.

3) ___________H YOUR PARENTS

Anthony's mom was inconsistent in her discipline, and he felt like his mom never listened to his side of the story.

4) ___________E YOUR PARENTS

Stevie-Jo wanted to date, drink, and smoke like the older highschoolers she saw, and felt like her parents just put too many rules on her life. She wished she didn't have parents.